Working Areas
Product Development
Is for BTDC one of the four pillars of Tourism Development, aimed to increase the benefits for the community.
In order to attract more tourists and make them spend more time and money, BTDC has organized annual events, such as “Bhaktapur Night” for promoting night tourism, the “Food-Festival” during Gai Jatra to promote festivals and has identified short trekking trails along Lankuri Bhanjyang.

Product Promotion
Is a means for BTDC to promote Bhaktapur as a tourism destination and its products.
Thus BTDC is operating a Tourist Information Center, publishing tourism information bulletins and various information folders, organizing photography competitions and promoting various events and activities.

Service Quality Enhancement
In order to guarantee a satisfying, comfortable and safe stay to visitors, it is very important to establish services and facilities of good quality.
Thus BTDC has trained local guides to impart efficiency and quality in their services. BTDC has also been advocating for the enhancement of services in guesthouses & restaurants. Further more, BTDC has been enhancing improved quality information to the visitors and is continuously supporting the improvement of basic facilities like availability of toilets, communication facilities and so on.

With tourism development many negative effects can arise and may badly hamper the development of the local community and security conditions. Thus it is very important, that the local people understand the importance of sustainable tourism for the overall development of the community and the dissemination of benefits to all stakeholders.
Likewise the local community should be aware of possible negative impacts and act accordingly to minimize their effects. This helps to ensure a secure environment for visitors as well as the conservation of cultural uniqueness of the city and thus ensures sustainable tourism.
Thus BTDC’s various interaction programs, like activities on World Tourism Day, training of local guides and so on are in line with the sustainability aspect of tourism.

Main Activities
  1. Tourist Information Center
  2. Bhaktapur Night since 2001
  3. Gai-Jatra Food-Festival
  4. Dattatreya Festival
  5. Mountain Bike Championship
  6. World Tourism Day
  7. Photo Exhibition Competition
  8. Essay Competition
Organizational Structure
Consists of a General Body of all valid members, an Executive Committee of eleven elected members, headed by the President.
Furthermore, the Advisory Board consisting of various important personalities and several Committees focusing on different activities.
The BTDC-Office with five staff members is headed by the Chief Executive Officer and advice is provided by a development worker of the German Development Service.
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