Wish to Visit
To get to Bhaktapur
 By Bus
Public buses and minibuses are running frequently from Kathmandu during the day (6 am to 6.30 pm).At present the bus fee is Nrs 15. the busses from Kathmandu stop at Navpokhu Pokhari, (large pond) on the western edge of town. Express busses are the best choice as local busses stop frequently en route.
Tour buses stop at the tourist bus & taxi park on the northern edge of town.
By Taxi
Metered taxis have black licence plates, private cars with red plates often operate operate as taxis particularly on long-distance routes . can be hired easily from Kathmandu., but you should negotiate the price in advance with the driver. A trip from the airport to the tourist bus & taxi park will cost you from Nrs. 350 on upwards. If you want to return with the same car, you will have to negotiate the price and the waiting hours as well in advance. Good luck!
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