Madhyapur Thimi

Thimi, the valley’s fourth- largest town, lies on a plateau 4km west of Bhaktapur. The name is said to be a corruption of Chhemi, which means “capable people”, a bit of flattery offered by Bhaktapur to make up for the fact that the town used to get mauled every time Bhaktapur to make up for the fact that the town used to get mauled every time Bhaktapur picked a fight with Kathmandu or Patan. Thimi, a large Newari village built on a raised plateau surrounded by a sea of fields. The town’s main artery, accessible only on foot, runs north- south, linking a series of temple- studded square. This place is better known for its superb craftsmanship on ceramics and papier-mâché masks, as well as green vegetables. Pottery is an even older local specialty, and one can watch potters at work in alleys and courtyards all over the north end of town. The process is the same as in Bhaktapur, except that the capable people of Thimi have traded in their traditional wooden wheels for concrete- filled truck tyres. Pottery doesn’t travel well, but one might be tempted by the elephant shaped flower pots.Thimi only temple of note is that of Balkumari, a 16th century pagoda located near the southern end of the main north-south lane. The temple is the focus of frenzied New Year’s festivals in April, when dozens of deities are ferried around on palanquins and red powder is thrown like confetti. Many festivals are celebrated here with music and dances performance on various occasions. The festival of 32 palanquins of deities tongue boring festival, different kinds of mask dances like Mahakali dances, Bhairab Dance, folk dances, Jyapu Jyapuni Dance, Lusi dance are a few to name.

Buddhist Monument of Thimi

Name of monuments



Digu baha (Guna kirti Mahabihar

Digu twa


Yachi baha      (Hera Nilbarna Mahabihar)

kirti twa


Nhu baha        (Hera Subarna Mahabihar)

chapach twa


Ta: baha         (Hem Barna Mahabihar)

Maru twa


Wakye baha    (Guna wakya Mahabihar)

Chapacho twa


Dathu baha     (Jetwan Mahabihar   )

kusum tungchi twa


Jiswan baha    (Purbasthit Mahabihar



Pati baha        (Pati Mahabihar)

pacho twa


Gunga Chiva   (Navchaitya Mahabihar)

pacho twa



Important Festivals Of thimi

S. No







Bishnu Bir Jatra

Siddhi Ganesh Jatra


30 Chaitra

Madhyapur Thimi, Ward No.14 Nagades;

4.00 PM

11.00 PM


32 Chariot festival

Tongue Penetration Festival

Siddhi Ganesh Jatra



2 Baishakh


Bal Kumari Bode Nagades

7.00 AM

12 Noon 

7.00 AM


Bal Kumari Jatra

Dakshin Barahi Jatra

Bishnu Bir Jatra

h April

1 Baishakh

Bal Kumari Bal Kumari Bal Kumari

2.00 PM




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